Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The headline of this blog would be translated as such

Time for CD Time for Download What the heck?

What does this mean? Quite simply TFCD/TFDL means that a model will have a session photographed by a photographer. The model pays no outward expense to the photographer. The photographer pays no money to the model. The photographer can do as he wishes with the photographs. Sell, lease, advertise. Anything. Also, the model can do the same thing. Sell, lease, advertise. Neither party needs to consult the other, and given whatever specific contract language the parties have, more often than not all that is needed is a model/photographer credit.

Why am I posting about this? Rob Lynn Photography is now accepting applications for TFCD/DL models!

What, a model? These sessions were typically originated for models looking to grow their portfolio, however You do not need to be a model to apply!

Apply? The application process is simple, and painless. All that is asked is
Name, Address, E-mail Address, Age (This is really important for under 18, just to have a parents consent also) any previous modeling experience and if so a sample photo from the session (a link to the photo or a copy e-mailed will suffice), or a sample photograph that is just a snapshot of yourself, it doesn't have to be a professional portrait! That's what we're here for! To give you professional quality portraits. Any background information is good too, just a little about yourself, your interests and what you intend to use your photographs to do (promote your modeling, maybe promote yourself).

Given the value of this (even a free session costs a photographer money) I'm limiting the number of accepted applicants per month. This may change based upon the volume of the business. At peak it may stay at two, during a less busy time may increase as needed.

If you're interested, please use the contact information on my website E-mail, or Call and I'll get the application to you. No one will be considered without application. Given the value of this session, if you're not serious enough to fill out an application then how can I take you seriously enough?

So why are there pictures of birds on this post?
Well, that's what I recently photographed! :) I have a lot of new photographs to post on the blog, but figured I'd take a different step and post some bird photographs. The expression is millimeters are expensive couldn't be more true! These sparrows and even the starling that is pictured are small birds. They were maybe 20-30 feet away from me in these photographs. I had to bait them in :)

I'll be at CPWC in Lancaster PA cageside on Friday, photographing the action! I will be attending the grand opening of the Go Time/Genesis MMA fitness center on Saturday morning.

2, possibly 3 AON events on the 11th at Mansion Park, 12th at Father Kelly Hall and the 13th in Johnstown!

Be sure to check them out. These shows are incredibly cheap to get into (Friday is freakin' FREEEEEEEEE) and are a good evening of family fun. Besides that, you'll see my website listed on their fliers! can't beat that!

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