Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Go Time Fitness/Genesis MMA Grand Opening Frisbee Todd

Here's a snap of Sam Moore playing frisbee golf. This was taken at the park a few weeks ago.

This is my friend Todd. If we're friends and we're hanging out, you can look forward to me stuffing a camera in your face. Yes, even professional photographers still make photographs for fun. What I like most about taking photographs of my friends for fun is that there's no pressure. There's no sale to make and there's no parent/client to make happy. You know all of those "fun" photographs you take and if they look technically improper, but still look neat they are okay? They are out for us sadly. So we've got to get our friend's picture before they lose interest :( Todd is pretty cool. He's shy and laid back, but at the same time a ton of fun and has a neat personality. I'm very happy that he's let me make his photograph more than once.

I had the chance to catch the grand opening of Go Time Fitness and Genesis MMA's new location last weekend. It's been a busy weekend. Friday I was in Lancaster for CPWC6 (MMA action) and then Saturday to the event. This week, there's senior portraits, and 2 wrestling events!

The Genesis team is headed by Justin Filer and Jeremy Drenning. They have a good camp of people to train with and I suggest them highly. A full fitness facility, also with a full sized cage. Pretty cool stuff. I'm not sure if there's a website yet, but I'll post one as soon as I find it.

Also on site was Charlie Brenneman UFC Veteran, making a guest appearance. Very cool. Let's wish Charlie Brenenman the best of luck in his upcoming UFC bout against Johnny Hendricks!

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