Monday, June 7, 2010

CPWC 6 MMA Fighting in Lancaster Birthday. TFCD.Genesis MMA!

OKay, quite a bit has been going on here and I've been staying very active. I just recovered from a long working weekend. On Friday I went to Lancaster to represent as a staff photographer photographing the event at the Lancaster convention center. Central Pennsylvania Warrior Challenge 6. It's a long title, and I get tired half way through saying it, BUT it was a great show. Truthfully I'll speak honestly. I didn't think much about a card of 10 amateur bouts and 3 pro bouts, or almost a 4 hour drive or the drive home. Even some initial hiccups with the promoter and I didn't make me happy. Basically he didn't realize I was going to be there. Understandably he was upset. I can't blame him. Fight promoters have a lot of stuff going on, ESPECIALLY before a fight show is going to take place. The last thing they want is surprises.

However, I'm going to say this in a separate sentence so it doesn't get lost being glossed over.

CPWC is a CLASS ACT MMA promotion. The fighters wanted to fight and were entertaining. The promoter puts on an excellent show, and I look forward to photographing more of them. Mark, thank you for having me at your show and I hope that I, and Ted Giantini can get you some added exposure to the show. Excellent show Mark, and I can't say enough good things about it. Also, special mention for your ring lights. A TRUE PROFESSIONAL set up and wow, it made viewing the show so great.


OKay, about the show? 13 fights in one night! Excellent! 10 Am bouts, 3 Pro bouts. 6 ring girls! Can't beat it with a stick! AND! Dan Severn was a special guest! Also, a familiar face in UFC Veteran referee Dan Miragliotta. Awesome night indeed.

Juan Vasquez defeated Collin Sharpe by split decision.

Shea Banks defeated David Garpstas by submission at 1:23 of round three.

William Leibensberger defeated Phil Meck by submission at 1:45 of round three.

Joshua Prall defeated Mike Lishinski by split decision.

John Andel defeated Mike Pape by split decision.

Troy Jensen defeated Jeff Beck by unanimous decision.

Eric Albright defeated Spenser Richard by unanimous decision.

Tom Anderton defeated Darnell Hayes by knockout at 50 seconds in round one.

Jordan Hartman defeated Craig Odeair by majority decision.

Pro Bouts:

Biff Walizer defeated Thomas Adhren by unanimous decision.

Duane Bastress defeated Roger Minton by TKO at 51 seconds of round one.

Justin Scott defeated Denis Hernandez by unanimous decision.

Okay, here is a link to the "photo highlights" used by

The full gallery can be seen on my website, and will be uploaded to shortly

My 28th birthday is today, and this weekend I got to spend some much needed time with friends and my wife. Sometimes, you just need some wife and you time. I am so grateful that Courtney is in my life. I try and keep personal business off of the blog and site, but I just want to say that without her, I wouldn't be the man, and photographer I am today. She is wonderful and I can't say enough good about her (it does help I smell this awesome dinner she is cooking...did I mention she's an awesome cook?).

Go Time Productions and Genesis MMA team opened a new place too! Justin Filer, and Jeremy Drenning have teamed up with a ton of great coaches (can't remember guy with the knee braces name, but he remembers me so I feel like crap for having a brain fart) Castalucci (sorry if I spelled it wrong!) Justin Filer, Jeremy Drenning, and Tommy Wilt.

Great location on Pound Lane (former lamb's way building/ye olde hobby shoppe). Check it out if you get a chance. Look for a gym profile for them on in the near future!


I'm still accepting TFCD applications! The applications are pouring in and there is a lot of competition for the spots! PLEASE e-mail me call me to inquire about applying. I am looking forward to weeding these down and picking the winners for June/July!


Dan Severn is the nicest guy on the planet to meet. I hope to meet him again, and I hope he gets 3 fights he really wants. Royce Gracie, Mark Coleman, and Ken Shamrock. I would pay to see all of them.

I'll have another post up soon about some photographs I have that just won some competitions.

See ya soon!

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