Saturday, November 24, 2012


The full gallery of photographs from CDMMA 7 is....CLICK HERE

It was a great show in a packed house, and it hosted the first female fight in this region.  Previously, the closest female MMA fight was a bit over two hours away, and it was in a place that held maybe 3-400 people.  So this got some positive exposure for WMMA. 

In the locker room I try to get some photographs of the fighters getting their hands wrapped, and their expressions.  This is run and gun stuff, but I take off camera flash everywhere with me, even if it's just one.  Without using reflectors, or multiple lights, there was no way to get the light I wanted on his face, without blowing the highlights out.  It's okay though. 

It seems that fighters are always attracted to my position in the cage and end up right in front of me.  I was very lucky that the focus systems of my cameras were able to get the finish here.  This has to be one of the tighted RNC's I've seen.

Remember, with a winner, there's a loser.

A nice one from the female fight in our region.

Again, the action ends up in front of me and I end up shooting photos of butts.  This is Lenny cracking his opponent's arm.  It's never good to watch a competitor get hurt, hopefully he gets better soon.

Again, there's always a loser when you have a winner.  Brett is a talented kid who trains at the school I attend.  Noe is a friend of mine.  He's one of the nicest dudes you'll meet and he's my first good MMA portrait.  He had a hard fought battle against Brett.  It was a good fight.  Difficult to watch a training partner and a friend fight each other.  They had much respect for each other though.

In the main event, another training partner (and friend) Charlie fought against Tyler.  There was a lot of hype for this fight, and Tyler did very well against Charlie.  The bad blood before the bought seems to have been quashed after the bout.  That's something I like about the sport.  99/100 times it seems that if two dudes dislike each other before the fight, they respect each other after the fight.

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, and are thankful for the things in your life.  Don't take them for granted.
Talk to you soon!