Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I say this a lot....been too long!

Firstly, I just have got to say, that just because I'm not posting doesn't mean I'm not active.

I've been so swamped, between shooting, being a father, editing, being a father, (you get the drift).

I've got soooooo many photographs to put up on the site and on the blog. I've just got to get the extra minutes in the day to revamp everything. Don't worry, it is certainly coming, I promise!

I'll have a post with plenty of photographs of Erik soon, but I want to talk about this last weekend. I photographed a wonderful couple, Stefanie and Mike. They were united in marriage in Maryland on August 20th 2011. Here's just a few quickies that I've posted on facebook, but feel obligated to post here as well. The quality on facebook makes my eyes hurt!

The couple was an absolute blast! Very easy going and laid back. Which was good, because some of our timelines were quite rushed (group formals were done in a total of 5 minutes!, and the bridal formals we shot in 10-15 (I forget what time it was when I started. Cannot remember if it was 6, or 605). A beautiful day for a beautiful wedding. I know the family and guests were hoping the weather held out, because the day before, there was a horrible storm that moved through the area.

The one other major flaw of the day was, we were hoping to shoot by the ponds of the area to get some beautiful reflections. As soon as we were within about 20 feet of the water, we were being attacked by insects! Haha, we retreated and shot some quick, fun portraits.

The beautiful couple having fun, inspite of the hundreds of bugs that were trying to drain us all of our blood! (I read that it would take over 1,000,000 mosquitos to drain the blood out of one average human body).
Groom just prior to reception in his room, looking out, thinking of the future.
For those that wonder, this was at f/2, with some "soft focus" added in post.