Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last evening in Boalsburg PA, Mayhem on the Mountain's 1st event took place.  I've heard different reports on the number of people that were there.  I can't really make an educated guess on it.  The values were between 300 and 1300. 

There were 10 fights on the card.  There was to be 11, but one of the fighters failed...badly to make weight.  I do not know the whole story on why, so I cannot comment on it.  I just know 164 is not 155. 

As always you can visit my website to view the full gallery Mayhem On the Mountain Gallery

The event results as told to me are,

Jason Royer defeated Scott Chandler by unanimous decision 2:00 of round 3

Glenn Barnes defeated Jesse Price by TKO round 2

Tyler Feist defeated Brandon Watkins by unanimous decision 2:00 of round 3.

Colby Slonaker defeated Scott Diggs by unanimous decision 2:00 of round 3.

Jordan Morales defeated Darlington Peralta by submission (guillotine choke) round 1.

Mike Hefflefinger defeated Tyler Saltsman by disqualification (kick the head of a downed opponent) round 1.


Brad Mountain defeated Greg Wolfe by submission (arm bar) round 1.

Eric Steppe defeated Adam Renn by submission (rear naked choke) round 2.

Lewis Rumsey defeated Robert Corpora by submission (guillotine choke) round 1.

Brendan Barrett defeated J.A.Dudley by submission (strikes) round 1.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Circus 2012

Hello everyone, I don't have a lot of time to post tonight, but I wanted to get a few of these out here, before I go back to editing a few other projects. For anyone that is wondering, for about every hour a photographer shoots, we spend about that much time behind a computer, if not longer. Here's a few shots from the recent 2012 Jaffa Shrine Circus. I'm a fellow Shriner, and it feels great to be a part of something that does something this fantastic. The show was wonderful this year. My wife, my son and I went. It was their birthday (they share a birthday). Here's the photos :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Warrior Challenge ESU

On April 7th, I was at Warrior Challenge MMA at ESU.  It was a great show put on by Mark. 
The fights were action packed, and everyone there had a great time.  Here's just a few from the evening.  I'm spending a lot of time researching this whole website change-up thing, and I need to get back to that.  I just wanted to get some of the photos out there. 

As a bonus to this post, I'm going to post the Warrior Challenge photos from VA on the 17th of March as well.  As always, you can see the full galleries on my website,

Warrior Challenge 4_7_12

Warrior Challenge 3_17_12

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coffee Break

I shot this for Red Eye Coffee Company in March. Wanted to post it, but had some recent event photos to put up. I've got Warrior Challenge 16 photos to put up from the 7th, but I'll put them up this weekend. Shooting a friend's band during the Jeff Wallack Memorial Show at Pellegrines Saturday night, so maybe I'll do a double feature. Please forgive my site, I'm slowly learning to redo it myself. My webmaster has retired from service, and I figure web design is something I can add to my bag of tricks. The subject of our Coffee Break is JJ from Red Eye, and the Red Eye brand. Pretty cool assignment. Was able to break out my "travel pack" (as I need to break away from education I won't get into the specifics. Just Canon 580EXII's on my portable Bogen stands). I also shot all primes this day as well. It was a great time, and interesting getting some looks from everyone in the mall.

Monday, April 2, 2012

For Complete Devastation MMA's fourth event, they brought in a special guest, former UFC lightweight champion, Sean, "the muscle shark" Sherk. They also conducted a seminar with him the day after the event. I want to touch on one thing first. If you didn't attend the event, shame on you. 3 hours of instruction, getting to meet him, and get some items signed...$40...that's a steal. It amazes me that sometimes these seminars attract people out of the wazoo, then other times, they don't attract near the people they should. Okay, the seminar was fantatic. I photographed it, but I picked up a lot of cool tricks. Sean is super laid back, and extremely nice. I was star struck, as he's been one of my favorite fighters for a long time. Watching him fight BJ Penn sucked for me, because BJ is another fighter whom I've liked for just about ever as well. (mainly because he's like this oompa loompa guy who will rip your head off and it gives me hope that I could've done something with myself). Here's some candid's and some "posed" photos from the day. I had a really good time, and it was awesome meeting him. Lighting for these types of events is always a challenge. You can use ambient light, but with those cycling fluorescent tube lights are a bitch. That's the honest truth. They are at "about" 60Hz (balast/length of service blah blah blah). So your shutter speeds are letting in some, but not all blah blah blah. What it comes down to is, blue/green/white in your photos, and there's really no way to correct it in a time efficient fashion (you could take the file, do several layers, and white balance each section of it individually but no...I am not doing that.). You can make it black and white...but I'm of the mind that photos shouldn't just be "black and white". I'm not going to get into my b/w philosophy (because undoubtedly some clown will read it, and quote it out of context trying to sound like they know more than they do). So another option is to introduce strobe to the session, and mix it with ambient. You can gel it...but...people are now buying "cool white" and "day light" and "butt light" bulbs and mixing them... If you put some window green on your flash, when the tubes are's going to be educational. So I let enough in so you know what's going on, but use my strobes as the main lights. okay, enough tech talk. I'm not an educator, but I am a gear/tech head. I could talk shop all day, but more than likely you just want to see the pictures.