Thursday, April 12, 2012

Coffee Break

I shot this for Red Eye Coffee Company in March. Wanted to post it, but had some recent event photos to put up. I've got Warrior Challenge 16 photos to put up from the 7th, but I'll put them up this weekend. Shooting a friend's band during the Jeff Wallack Memorial Show at Pellegrines Saturday night, so maybe I'll do a double feature. Please forgive my site, I'm slowly learning to redo it myself. My webmaster has retired from service, and I figure web design is something I can add to my bag of tricks. The subject of our Coffee Break is JJ from Red Eye, and the Red Eye brand. Pretty cool assignment. Was able to break out my "travel pack" (as I need to break away from education I won't get into the specifics. Just Canon 580EXII's on my portable Bogen stands). I also shot all primes this day as well. It was a great time, and interesting getting some looks from everyone in the mall.

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