Sunday, April 1, 2012


March 31st, the Complete Devastation promotion puts on its fourth show at the Cambria County War Memorial. If you're an event promoter, be careful using the War Memorial...They will put you on a crumby electrical panel, and not tell you until after you tear down your lights that they use the panel on the other end of the building. As usual, I'm very busy and this blog is what suffers. I photographed a heck of a show in VA on the 24th (photos from that will be up later this week in the blog, but you can see the complete gallery on my website already). I'm shooting another one of their shows this Saturday, so I'll do a combo. Enough of that, this is Complete Devastation's time :) There were 11 fights slated, but last minute (this is the nature of the smaller show fight business) 2 fights didn't happen. Tyler Updike was ready to fight, but his opponent didn't get his paperwork in, in time. Brad Mountain was ready to fight, had a signed contract and his opponent no showed! Here's some photos, and here's a link to the full gallery!i=1773961212&k=sjWc2Tx Remember, fight photos make a great gift for the fighter! Also, don't forget, even though you see plenty of fight photos here, I'm a portrait and wedding photographer as well.

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