Sunday, June 24, 2012

On June 22nd, there was another installment of the Warrior Challenge MMA fights. It was a packed house and a great night of fights. Here are some photographs from the night. As always, you can check out the full gallery HERE

  I did a few things different this time around, and experimented a little bit. I brought my standard fare, and then a few other lenses to give them a go. The results were pretty good, so I am pleased there.

I am meeting with a web design company sometime this coming week or next week, and speaking with someone else as well about my website. The construction phase will be over soon, and I will have a brand spanking new site online. Please stick with me until it is completed. It will showcase some of the other work that I do and bring that more to the front line.

  Even though I shoot weddings, and portraits and consider them just as important of a focus for me as the fights, a lot of people aren't aware that I photograph anything but fights. If you know of anyone who is looking for a photographer, have them get in touch with me. I definitely photograph more than just sports and events.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm not going to lie. One of the cool things about being a father is that I get to play with cool toys. While my son is only 14 months old, and they suggest that cars are for 3+, I can't wait. I let Erik play with cars under supervision. What boy doesn't play with toy cars? So I was playing around with some of his cars and snapping a few photos. When I realized how few Hondas he has, I had to get on eBay and buy a few. The 2 most popular car companies are only about 88 cents a piece. Well when you buy them on eBay because you cannot find them at K-Mart, Target, Wal Mart or any other store that may have matchbox/ pay a lot more. On 6 cars, I spent enough to get 25 cars. Looking back, it was probably a stupid idea. My 14 month old doesn't know the difference between a Honda civic and a Shelby GT500. So what possessed me, I'll never know. It sounded like a good idea. Well we were outside playing and I was setting up these cars and shooting some photos. Part of it was to challenge myself to get these shots QUICKLY! My son and wife were present the whole time. Do you think I'd be able to spend hours or even minutes setting up this scene with my kid playing? Nope. SO part of it was just challenging myself. In my work, I'm often not given much time. I need to be able to get a good/salable photograph quickly. I'm not longer one that wants to educate people, but I'll say this. Salable photography is a lot like the movie Moneyball. I'll leave it at that. Anyway, these are some neat photos of the cars, and one of my little dude playing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WCC, Cycling lights.

Welcome back for our next installment of fight photos, and a little tech talk.

All three of the below photographs were shot with the same settings. While the only part that matters about the settings is the shutter speed, it was something like f/2.8, ISO 6400, 1/640. The shutter speed was faster than the lights cycling. What this means is you don't catch the full cycle. There's a lot of literature about this. A lot that goes into it. A lot of commercial buildings are 3 phase systems, where lights on one leg are peaking while the lights on the other leg (power) aren't peaking. This gives a little bit more "even" illumination of light/color shifting.

Now, one needs to understand, this stuff all happens auto-magically, without you being able to see it. However, when you're trying to photograph moving targets with fast shutter speeds...the above is what you get.

Three photos, all shot within 1.1 seconds of each other...three different looks.  But not one single camera setting changed.

It's a battle you have with event locations, because...though post processing for them is a mother!  a Bear!  There is a simple on trusses blasting thousands of watts of light EVENLY (I've been to some poorly aimed situations before) on the subject. 

The full gallery of fight photographs can be seen here, WCC June 8th, Greensburg PA

It was a great night of fights.  A training partner Lenny was there fighting, in what in my mind was fight of the night.  He came out early looking like a pro boxer, and got caught on the wrong end of a busted nose.  Lenny was game and the bloody battle continued into the 3rd round.  It was a tough one Lenny, but you'll get them next time.  Best wishes man!

I'm not sure when the WCC's next installment is, but I'm sure I'll be photographing their events in the future.