Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Summit Booster

This year brought the second annual Penn Cambria Golf Booster.  It's a really great outing where teams compete and raise money for the golf team (I'm not sure if that is the correct wording). 

I have been a tee sponsor for each year, and also the photographer for the event as well.  I enjoy helping out a good cause, and I think helping the kids get their golf equipment/shirts and things like that is a good cause.  While I make jokes about golf sometimes, I have a tremendous amount of respect for anyone that can accurately nail a ball and send it to where they are aiming.  There are so many factors in the accuracy of a shot, that it really is a true feat to be a good golfer.

Here is the gallery for the photographs of the day,
Cresson Summit Booster

This year, I am making the photographs available in a different way than I did last year.  Last year, I just handed out 4x6's, and people could order whatever they wanted.  Rather than hand out the photographs, this is what I'm doing this year.  The photographs are free to download for personal use.  Personal use means anything that isn't news or money earning (e.g., you cannot sell the photographs). 

I am also making the same photographs available for sale.  Why buy a photograph when you can download it for free?  Well that answer is simple, from every sale that is as a result of the Cresson Summit Golf Booster that took place on July 1st 2013 (I am also going to set up a link to the previous year's gallery and do the same thing), I will make a donation of 25% of the profits of the sale to the Penn Cambria Booster.

I also lowered the print prices, lower than my standard rates, that way ordering a few prints doesn't cost the friends/families as much, and I'll still be making a donation.

For example, if there is $100 in profits that arise from sales, $25 will be donated to the booster.  Also, for anyone that orders, I will make available proof/confirmation that indeed a donation was made.  If no sales are made, the amount will be $0.00 (25 percent of nothing is nothing).  So there you have it, you can make a purchase with a percentage going towards the Penn Cambria golfers, or you can download for free.  I will include instructions on how to download the photographs,

To download any of your photographs,

1: Go to www.RobLynn.smugmug.com

2: On this page there will be a tab for "Events."  Please click on the "Events" tab.

3: This will open into a window with a listing for the Cresson Golf Booster.  Please click this tab.

4: Once you find the photograph that you would like to download, select the size you would like to download it as (the size option will appear as your mouse is over the selected photograph).

5: Right-click with your mouse and click "save as."  You can then select where on your computer you would like to save the photograph.
There is no charge for a digital download of the photograph.  (though you can buy a digital download and a donation will be made as detailed above).

Getting the ball off of the club is, in my opinion, harder than a ball off of a bat.

A young man in the putting contest reacts as his ball nearly goes in.

All in all, it was a great day.  The rain held out for most of the day.  I am looking forward to next year.

Monday, July 1, 2013

A nice surprise.

Firstly, I am not the bragging type and no matter how I try to word this post or the title, it feels as though I am bragging.  I definitely am not doing so and I hope you will see that I am just proud of a recent accomplishment.

I belong to a photo club and they hold a yearly print competition.  I enter photographs into all of the categories but the ones I like the most are still life and portraits, with portraits being my favorite.

The two photographs that took first and second place in the people portion of the competition are here;

The Guitarist (A self portrait).

Laura (unless I'm a real wizard, not a self portrait :P )
While it is not the first time that I have received either good comments, awards, or a pleased client out of a photograph, it was my first time entering a self portrait into a competition.  A lot of people think that photographers aren't nervous on the other side of a camera, but I definitely am.  So when I see a client that is nervous of having their photograph taken, I have so walked a mile in those shoes.

The only reason I put a photograph of myself into the competition was because I needed another print to go to the maximum of 5 between all of the categories.  At the end of the year, scores are tabulated, and while I think it is silly, end of the year ratings are based upon the total of all of your scores.  So conceivably, you could not place 1st, 2nd or even 3rd in any of the categories, but still end up with the highest total of the year.  While this scenario is highly unlikely both based upon the talent of the other photographers in the competition, and also the math is against it, it doesn't rule it out.  For that reason alone, you're better off putting in a photograph that you think will score even 5 or 10 points, rather than not put one in.

That's exactly why I tossed a photo of yours truly into the mix.  I honestly didn't think it was going to do well, and when I got the news, I was so excited to tell the model that we placed, because she also suggested that I submit it.

Anyway, I will have photographs from my most recent trip to Florida here shortly, and also photographs from the golf booster here shortly.

Until then, take care!