Monday, September 24, 2012

Warrior Challenge 9-22-12

I was at Millersville University for the most recent installment of Warrior Challenge MMA.  It was a great show, good fights from start to finish.

The full gallery of photographs for sale can be seen on my website at, THIS LINK HERE!

Here are a few photograph highlights from the show,

I shot the show using my usual set up of 2 Canon 1DIV cameras.  However I wanted to test out how well the 5D3 would do with its limited frame rate (6fps) and more limited buffer (partly because of the size of the files, they are monstrous).  The auto focus at times was worse, at times on par and at times better than the 1DIV cameras.  This consequently means that the 1DIV's were at times worse, at times on par and at times better than the 5D3.  The ISO handling of the cameras is similar (the 1DIV is a great high ISO camera) with an advantage towards to the 5D3 at higher ISO.

My verdict as of now is, I wouldn't repalce the 1DIV's with a pair of 5D3's, and I wouldn't replace a pair of 5D3's with a pair of 1DIV's UNLESS the feature set of the other camera was something that you needed more.  What I mean by that is this, the 1D series has spot metering linked to the af point...that's freakin' awesome.  The 1D series has a higher sync speed (1/300 vs 1/200) which is again awesome.  The build on the 1D is better (300,000 shutter rating vs 150,000, better weather resistance et cetera).  The 1D also has the appearance of increased magnification as a result of the 1.3x APS-H sensor vs the full frame 35mm sensor in the 5D3. 

I'm not really interested in doing gear comparisons on a photo blog aimed to show images to prospective, and past clients, along with fans of photography and what I shoot in general.  I do know a few photographers follow this and will find the information helpful.

Thank you for the read.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

CDMMA 9-15-12

Hello all.  First I want to touch upon a subject before I post any fight photos and a link to the fight photos as well.

When I shoot a photograph, I own the rights to that photograph.  That means you cannot take, reproduce, edit, change or do anything to that photograph without my permission. 

My to my surprise, I've seen my photographs on news sites, and nutrition that weren't bought, and photos I'm given no credit for (even though I took them). 

I am a friendly individual and I do not look for any problems.  I know that some people do not understand the damage they are doing when they do this.  I know that there's other people who simply do not care.  The fact of the matter is simply this.  I am a business.  If I am being stolen from, then means my income decreases.  If my income decreases, I am no longer feeding my business.  If it continues to decrease, I'm no longer feeding myself.

When you look on my site and see a digital download for $4.99 or an 8x10 for $10.99, and you find a way to take which doesn't belong to you,  you have essentially stolen that money from me. 

Okay, enough of the drudgery because I do hate that kind of talk, I just find that I've been taken advantage of quite a bit lately and I'm going to do my best to put a stop to it.  This means if I see that you've used a photograph without permission, you'll be asked for payment and a credit. 

I photographed Complete Devastation MMA at the Clearfield County Fairground on Saturday 9-15-12.  It was a great night of fights.

Here's a few highlights of the evening,

The full gallery, with photos for sale is here Fight Photos CDMMA