Monday, June 14, 2010

Another AON event, and a senior session

I had a great portrait session with Rob. He is a recent graduate and his father just wanted some classic shots of his boy. This is what I love doing is making photographs of people. I admittedly had an advantage as I had photographed Rob's girlfriend for her senior portraits. I didn't have to break down a "barrier' with the client to build trust. He already knew that if I have the camera in hand, he was getting professional results. I made the photos at a local park, and if you're a gear junky (I get a lot of photographers reading this) I shot it with a bunch of f/2.8 zoom lenses and off camera light.I was happy to be a photographer as part of the AON Triple Threat Weekend! It sadly turned into a double threat though, as some malarke happened at Mansion Park. I am not 210% on the semantics of the story, but this much I do know.

AON was to put on a free show Friday at Mansion Park as part of the relay for life. This was a heavily publicized event, with quite a bit of people looking to attend.

Athletic Director on the day of (and if I understand correctly, hours before the event) says no ring to be set up.

Wrestlers who traveled didn't get to wrestle. People who bought advertising were let down. The fans were let down. Trust me though, I don't think anyone was hurting as bad as Jason, Mike and all of the AON crew. I can personally tell you they really felt like crap and were not only irritated by the situation, but upset they didn't get to perform for the fans. These guys put on a great show and really work hard at it.

Okay, so what about the rest of the triple threat weekend? The event at Father Kelly Hall went on without a hiccup, and in so far as I know the event at the Pasquerilla center in Johnstown went down just fine. I was only able to make the Saturday show in Altoona.

A full gallery can be seen on my website, at

I'm still accepting applications for TFCD sessions! Please submit your application! The response has been great!

I had to send 2 cameras to Canon. It's like sending a kid off on a sleep over. Canon service is very fast, but when you send a few bodies and a few lenses it makes you a little uneasy. I sent 4 items in one box, but I'll get 4 boxes back. That's 4 more chances to get smashed into 1000 pieces :( I'm always a nervous wreck waiting for things to get back to me.

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