Saturday, June 19, 2010

2 years? and who is Rob Lynn?

I try not to bring up personal life too much on my blog, as it's only partially relevant to my photography. I mean it is relevant to know who I am and what I'm about, true? However, stuff like my wedding anniversary and the like just really could be left out? Well not today! On Monday June 21st, my wife and I will have been married two years! It's been sweet, and she does a lot for me and helping my business grow. For instance the many hours I'm photographing events far away, or editing photographs and I'm away from her, she puts up with all of it and helps me with it too. She's just great.

Well little does she know that right now in the refrigerator there's a dozen roses in there waiting for her to find them! Hah! Take that wife-o-matic, sneak attack roses!

The other thing is, I'm not real fond of photographs of myself. It's not that I do not feel I am photogenic, but it's more a long the lines of how do I see myself? I see myself as serious, fun loving, caring, unique, creative, you see what I mean? I'm all over the map. I'm a husband, a photographer, a student of Ju-Jitsu, I'm a hard worker, I'm a musician, I want to be a father. Can you see fitting all of that into a photograph?

So I don't have really any professional photographs of me, and not even a lot of casual photos. Like there's the wedding and the engagement photographs but not really much else. Heck, I've played music all over the state and I have maybe 10 photographs of me playing out. Most from crappy digital cameras or cell phone cameras, and not really worth posting.

Then there's the snapshots of me with different MMA fighters or ring-card girls. I always end up putting on a stupid face or giving this STUPID thumbs up with my hands.

I was anxious to plan just a weekend of wife and I and we were driving around. Well there's this sign on the Yamato. Basically the best place to get Asian food in town. I seen it and though, wouldn't it be funny to take a photograph of me trying to snatch this sushi out of this picture's hand. So that's what I did. I handed off a camera to the wife and said take a snapshot of this.

It's not a professional portrait, just a picture of me being a goof. What it does though is puts a face behind the brand (for better or worse) of mine. What I think it does is it shows someone acting the way anyone else does. Alive.

At the end of the day, that's what we're capturing in our photographs. Life.

I'm going to go have some lunch with my wife, but now at least there's a face to the name for you :) And somehow, I STILL MANAGED TO PUT ON A STUPID FACE! haha.


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