Sunday, May 30, 2010

This weekend is Memorial day weekend (way to go Rob, you're the master of all things obvious) (well someone has to be, hah!).

I recently got My 1D3 back from Canon and wanted to test out the auto focus on it, so I was looking for SOMETHING going on. A baseball, football, soccer game, anything. I couldn't find anything going on. So I ended up going to a section of rail track where I know skate-borders go to. Empty. Another swing and a miss. Well, I figured I already had the equipment with me and I wanted to come up with some photographs for the blog...well! Here I am.

There's quite a bit of action going on in the near future. CPWC6 is taking place in Lancaster on June 4th. I am not sure if I will be there or not yet, it's up in the air. Then there's 2 AON events I'll be attending in Altoona on June 11th and 12th. In July VFL MMA is making their return to Central PA, and I'll be cageside with your photographs from that event as well.

The fodder I've posted here is a little bit different from the usual photographs I post on the blog. By nature I'm a portrait photographer and I enjoy action sport photography as well. This isn't to say that I don't do it all, I do, however nearly every photographer has their preferred niche. Mine is people :).

See ya soon! Enjoy the holiday weekend. I'm heading out to find some action to make photographs of!

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