Saturday, May 1, 2010

Girls throwing t-shirts?! IWFC 3!

Just got back in from an action packed night at the IWFC 3 event at the Cambria county war memorial. Any photographer that's photographed MMA (and there's less of us than you think) will tell you how much more they like shooting INTO the cage rather than THROUGH the cage. The problem with through the cage is that the fence grabs the focus of the camera a lot. You just learn to deal with it though.

Last time at an IWFC the other photographer and myself both shot INTO the cage, and a few other promoters I've shot for have the same set-up for me. Well this time, it was a mix of over and through. Must say I liked the over better than through.

Well, the throwing t-shirts comes from the girls who were tossing some Spaniard shirts to the crowd. The Spaniard isn't Russel Crowe, it's Charlie Brenneman, the Holidaysburg native that was just signed to the UFC.

I'll post more later, but I've got to get to bed, as tomorrow I'll be photographing AON Wrestling in Johnstown.

See ya there!

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