Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A little of everything

I'm trying to catch up with the last few days of phone calls, e-mails and photographs. I like to stay busy all of the time. I like the sense of urgency rather than being able to procrastinate.

Coming up this month, I'll be photographing AON wrestling in State College, and then in June looking at at least 2 more events of theirs to photograph.

There's a few fights coming up that I'll be photographing, but since everything is verbal right now, rather than in stone I'll wait until I know more to comment on that.

This is the season when the parents of seniors start thinking about having their photos done. I truly suggest getting your quotes and dates in sooner than later. Before you know it, it's the end of the year and you're on crunch time trying to find a photographer last minute with a day open.

I would like to talk about copyright for a few minutes. If you notice on my website that you cannot download an image of mine by right clicking on it, and if you try, you're prompted with a message letting you know that the photograph copyright is owned by me and that if you want it you have to go through me.

On my blogs, you'll notice that there's a water mark and a border on the image. Also the images are resized to an almost unprintable size. This is simply to prevent theft. Wait, theft? People will steal someone's photographs? You betchya. Some folks just want something for nothing, and have no problem devaluing your work. It recently happened to me that I had to go back and forth with someone over an illegally downloaded photograph. Now I'm not confrontational but I won't stand by while someone takes something of mine. It really upset me that I wasn't asked for a download. I wasn't asked if it was okay, it was just taken and used.

Some folks may not realize the problem with downloading images illegally. Do a quick google and see what happens when you take copyrighted products. The guy who downloaded the photograph told me he learned how to do it in of all places SCHOOL! His school told him how to take a product! That's just insane. Rather than educate the kids on stealing, they told them how to. Now the guy who ended up with it, I have 0 problems with. I truly think both people didn't realize how big of a deal it is to do it. They removed the product and that's that. But it's prompted me to go back to watermarking my images that I post online. All photographs on this website are copyright protected and owned by myself. If you would like to use, obtain or purchase them please do the right me.

When you order prints, the watermark will not appear on the photograph, but they will have a watermark on them when you view them online.

Here's a few photos for you to take a look at. I can be commissioned to come to photograph your prom, and your special events. Book those dates early, because my datebook fills up quickly.

The cat photograph is a photograph I made for a photo project. It's my cat window hunting.

The young man photograph is a senior photo I was messing with. I photographed the young ma "traditionally", but ALSO wanted to play with some other lighting patterns. I love this split lighting, and on some subjects it just works great.

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