Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a weekend of what? Yeah, what?

I bet that doesn't make much sense to you, because it doesn't make any sense to me.
What does a photographer do, when he's not being a photographer? They make pictures! Okay, what am I rambling on about?

No client sessions this weekend, and a few beautiful days had me wanting to make some photographs. I wanted to try and find some sporting events and check out the AF on my 1d. I caught the rear end of a little league game, however it was the very end when I got there and I didn't get a chance to make any photographs. So I'm thinking, I'm losing daylight and I want to check the AF out on this camera in AI Servo, so I thought of moving vehicles. I went to a bridge and took a few snaps of a train moving, and some cars. Sure thing the camera is AFing' wonderfully (AF is auto-focus) in servo. I still haven't done great tests yet on it to 100% be certain of this (without going on there was an issue with 1d3 in that it may have erratic focus on a back-lit person coming at the camera on a hot day in AI servo). There were fixes done to it by Canon that corrected the phenomenon, but you still have to be sure of it.

Well I had been wanting to silo-what-now the Cathedral for some time and it was just about sunset. So I waited it out and made that photograph also. In the photograph of the cathedral, you notice a black speck in the clouds. That's a bird. In a large version you can clearly see all outline of the animal. On web-size, it looks just like a black dot but I assure you, it isn't. I also like how our old Glory has some color to the image, and the cathedral is completely black.

So that was Saturday. On nice days when there's nothing going on, I enjoy taking a look at different locations for possible environmental portraits. I drove all around and my travels ended up having me at Chimney Rocks in Holidaysburg. Before I got there, I seen some flags and the US flag means a lot to me, so I liked the light, angle of light and the line so I made that photograph. By the time I got to chimney rocks, the sky was HAZY and no longer nice and blue (how it can all go to crap in NO time flat!). I still hiked to the top and made a quick snapshot. The photograph is nothing more than a snapshot of the incredible view you get from up there.

Also included is my orange cat, tangerine back-lit by the window blinds.

I will be in State College this weekend for AON wrestling, so I'll go up a little early and make a few photos of that area too. The downside to it is, I'll get bright daylight that's right over head (the time of day) and I don't think I'll get any "golden hour" (more like golden 20 minutes) light on my subjects. I also do not know State College that well OR the area surrounding it, so I'm not sure what to shoot. I will however find some new photographs to bring along with the wrestling.

Hopefully this place has more light than the other places I've been. I'm telling you, ISO 4000-6400 with f/2.8 and 1/320 is wayyy too dim for action.

Without further adieu, here are the photographs. Talk to you all next time!

EDIT! I can't believe I hadn't heard, nor did I know the arts festival was this weekend! I would have so been there!