Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Circus Photographs

I'm posting 5 more pictures from the Jaffa Circus. The wife and I had a grand ol' time together seeing the acts. This year's circus was better than last years I think. I'm going to buy our tickets much earlier for the next show. There was some calamity there at the shrine with a power outage before the show, and we had to wait outside in the rain for awhile. The circus was running about 45 minutes late. I can imagine that would be difficult for the performers nerves. I could only imagine being on a tightrope or doing like the acrobatics and the lights going out...

This year all of the tigers (el tigre) were white! They were outstanding looking, and the female tiger tamer did a great job, but I sorta miss the Guy Fiere looking pun! from last year's show.

They didn't have the pole climbers (I don't know what you would call them) this year, but they had a woman who climbed up and did some stunts on these silks. I'll post them later.

The photos posted here are of the performers who were swinging these strings and hitting wood to the beat of music, and playing drums. There is also a quick glimpse of the 7 man pyramid on the tightrope, and the juggling hat guy.

Tomorrow (or rather today) I should be photographing another AON wrestling event in Ebensburg PA. I will post a few select shots from that after the event.

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