Sunday, April 25, 2010

Layers of flavor!

A recent snap from my wife's tulip garden. It's in the early works, and we're hoping to grow it a bit more for next season. The day I made this photograph, there was very high winds, and that makes flower photography quite difficult, as the area you focus on moves back and forth, while you're focus points doesn't.

The weekend is winding down, and as my wife is watching Brothers and Sisters, I'm following up on some upcoming events, and watching some television. They keep playing this Trident Layers gum commercial and I think it's funnier every time.

WEC 48 took place Saturday night, and I had Jose Aldo winning. I didn't get to see the event, but I figured it would end in TKO in RD 3 or 4. Urijah was game though and hung in till the end. I seen the photographs he posted on his twitter page...that leg looks bad!

Iron Will Fighting Championship 3 will take place May 1st at the Cambria County War Memorial. I will be cage side photographing the event. If you're interested in going, get your tickets soon before they sell out. I think this show is going to be great!

There is a possibility that I'm at a VFL MMA event in D.C. on Friday, but that's in the air yet.

Also, I will be at the AON wrestling event at the Pasquerella center in Johnstown PA on May 2nd. It's going to be a BUSY weekend!

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