Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A few training pictures. Or maybe trainers?

Today I had the usual plans of working out at Snap, but there was an assignment to do also. Photograph Lisa, and Matt, both trainers at Snap in Altoona, for the website and their in store, for lack of a better word or words "Get to know your trainer paper".

This is the kind of assignment that photographs both love, and at the same time not love so much. Let's cover both ideas behind it.

See every job has goals. Every job is to get photographs the client will enjoy. However there's a "beyond" that, like the intricacies of the job. For instance, a Dr. may just want a file that he/she can use on a business card or their website. Another Dr. may want to be on a website, or billboard. Some business clients want ONE photograph of each person. When you photograph a senior, you've got several photographs you're making and promoting.

The downside to most corp. photo sessions is, you don't get a lot of time and you don't get to do a lot creatively. Whereas on a senior portrait session you get to let the cat out of the bag.

The reason we love these types of sessions is, I can get in, set up, meter my lights, and get the task completed quickly. Most of these types of clients are VERY busy and can only spare 10 minutes or less! This means you've got to be able to get the client posed, and build that "relationship" as quickly as possible.

I think of taking a person's photograph more than clicking the shutter button or setting up my lights. It's the complete package, and that includes me getting to know my client and doing a good job of getting a personal relationship with them. Basically, they have to be more than a client. You make a friend out of them. Other than me being a friendly person, why would one do this? Because if I'm going to stick a camera, a lens, and a bunch of lights in front of you, it's intimidating! What better way to face something that's intimidating than with a friend?

I usually take the Zack Arias approach and "warm-up" like a pitcher in the bull-pen, but on these sessions, you really can't. You've got to be set up, metered and ready to go so you do not disrupt these professionals for too long. Because the bottom line is, if you can't do it, they will get someone who will.

You will find that you don't get to flex your creative muscles on these types of sessions, but you'll also find that if you can't turn out a technically solid photograph on a whim, that making as a portrait photographer isn't going to work out.

I'll post back soon!

Check out Snap Fitness, Iron Will Fighting Championships, Charlie Brenneman (UFC fighter), and AON Wrestling! I'll be at IWFC 3 at the Johnstown War Memorial on May 1st, and AON at the Pasquerella center May 2nd!


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