Monday, April 19, 2010

Circus, AON...gym?

I'm sitting down at the computer for a few minutes, after I finished up at the gym. Had a great session with Matt Caputo. If you need a personal trainer, I personally (no pun, haha) suggest that you give Matt Caputo at the Altoona, Snap Fitness a call. I really like that gym. It's clean, the 24 hours a day thing is sweet AND the rates are really reasonable.

Not to try and bore people with different photographic technique and the "behind the scenes" of it, but a lot of people don't realize what goes into being a photographer. It's funny, people think that now that digital is the new wave, that everything is point, click, print... It couldn't be further from the truth.

Now in the case of photojournalism, you shoot and crop...that's about it. You can't change reality, as it's not accepted. To my PJ work, the ONLY adjustments made to them are typically a cropping, or possibly pushing the exposure a stop. The reason we do this is, sometimes the light isn't good enough to get an acceptable shutter speed to stop motion blur or camera shake. We deliberately underexpose the image by an f/stop or 2, then bring it back in post processing. This does have a slightly negative effect on the photograph's final quality, but with professional equipment, you've got a lot more latitude than you do with just the amateur gear. This would get really boring if I got into how it affects dynamic range, and there's people who specifically shoot these cameras, just to see how they do in different crazy situations, but me, I use the tool the way it takes me to get the best possible photograph for myself or the client.

Okay, enough of that. I guess I do go off on "teaching" sprees sometimes. If I had the academic credentials to teach, I probably would teach photography too.

If you check out my galleries, all of the most recent AON photographs are uploaded, and the 2010 circus photos are now uploaded. Please take a moment to look them over.

Until next time!

From now on, all AON Wrestling Galleries reflect lower prices, with a discount. No need to contact me before ordering, just order from the site and you'll receive your prints in the mail quickly.


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