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Just back from VFL MMA's 29th installment of mixed martial arts action. The Mason Dixon Showdown V took place Jan. 29th 2011. It was a card of mixed martial arts, and boxing. 8 MMA bouts and 6 boxing bouts.
Quick results from the evening.
Jared Ferguson Defeated Cory Dawson via UD.
Nelson Moody Defeated Edward Spiker via UD.
Spencer Strube Defeated Samuel Martin Via Knock Out 9 Seconds Rd1
Brandon Wheeler defeated Sean Diehl via Triangle Choke 1:24 of Rd 1
Mark Krumrine defeated Timothy Lafferty Via Walk Over (opponent didn't show to fight).
Jay Haas defeated Stephen Franklin via Arm Bar 42 seconds Rd1
Justin Hickey defeated Ryan Harder Via TKO 3:37 Rd 2
Tenyeh Dixon Defeated Jeremy Carper via UD

Rodrigo Alonso defeated Terrence Dixon Via Decision
Jesse Athey Defeated Christian Madranno Via Decision
Darius Dukes defeated Christopher Glenn Via Decision
Devar Ferhadi defeated Hasan White via Stoppage Rd 3
Matthew Bowling Defeated Javier Lopez Via Decision
Lionell Royer Jr defeated Dave Monteith Via Decision.

Jared Ferguson and Cory Dawson at 145 lbs was the first match-up of the evening. The two traded blows on the feet and positions on the ground looking for submissions. It was competitive, but ultimately the Red corner's Jared Ferguson would win a hard fought UD.
Nelson Moody and Edward Spiker at 135 lbs was the second match-up for the evening. They both fought for take downs, Spiker regained positions, but spent a lot of time on his back. UD to Moody.

The third match-up of the evening, Spencer Strube against Samuel Martin took place at 165 lbs. The match lasted 9 seconds, with Strube landing one shot... The shot that ended the fight. The after math lasted longer than the match, the walk outs, and introductions. Martin was knocked for a loop and thought he was still fighting, even though the commission director, and doctor were trying to reach him. They had him held down, and he still was moving about. Thankfully, after the paramedics got him boarded, and got oxygen to him, he was "aware" when he was taken away. The fights were briefly halted as a result of there not being an ambulance available (Martin was taken away via ambulance, and there must be one ready at all times, so until a replacement came the fights were halted.)

As soon as the ambulance arrived, the 4th match up with Brandon Wheeler and Sean Diehl at 145 lbs took place. After Wheeler dropped Diehl, they exchanged positions on the ground, with Wheeler having secured an armbar, and transitioned to a triangle choke. Wheeler wins via Triangle choke. This is not without controversy as the fighter claims to have no tapped. The referee informed the fighter that he had lost consciousness and it was stopped for his safety. The fans far away thought it was a bad stoppage. The ringside officials thought it was a good stoppage.

The 5th match that was supposed to happen was Mark Krumrine and Timothy Lafferty at 265 lbs. Mark won the match, because his opponent didn't show up.

The first pro bout of the night was Jay Haas and Stephen Franklin at 155lbs. Haas acted quickly, securing an armbar after an initial scramble. The referee stopped the action, and Franklin claimed he didn't tap. Cageside officials sided with the referee's stoppage, as do I (It was in my field of view and I was the next closest person besides the referee to the action). The arm was hyperextended (I seen this_, and the fighter let out a yell and slapped his arm. (this is what the referee told me) The referee jumped in immediately and stopped it. It is my opinion that the referee stopped that young man from needing surgery, whether or not the kid believes it. Haas wins via armbar.

Justin Hickey and Ryan Harder at 135lbs was a fireball of action. Both fighters exchanging heavily in the pocket, content to stand and trade. At one point Hickey reminded me of 1990's Vitor Belfort bum rushing his opponent and throwing bombs. Harder stayed with it until the 2nd round, at which point Hickey just overwhelmed his opponent and won via stoppage.

In the MMA main event, game veterans Jeremy Carper and Tenyah Dixon squared off at 170 lbs. The story of this fight was Dixon overwhelming Carper with what appeared to be his strength and tired ground work. Dixon won a convincing, though underwhelming unanimous decision.


The first boxing bout took place after the promoter's crew tore down the cage and assembled the boxing ring (you need to see this, as it's a work of art. No wonder ancient man was able to construct the pyramids!)

Rodrigo Alonso fought Terrence Dixon at 125 lbs. Alonso controlled the action, knocking down Dixon several times. Alonso won a well earned decision.

Christian Madranno fought Jesse Athey in the 140lb division (I think these were juniors, or something. They were both in their teens?). Madranno put Athey on the receiving end of a few standing 8 counts en route to a decision win.
Darius Dokes and Christopher Glenn squared off at 114 lbs. These two young men exchanged knockdowns, and slips in an exciting fight between two juniors. Dokes wins in decision fashion.

Devar Ferhadi and Hasan White faced off at 170 lbs, with White being on the receiving end of quite a few good smackings. The exchanges had Ferhadi coming out on the better end each time, with White having 3 standing 8 counts in the 1st, 2 or 3 in the second, and being stopped in the 3rd round. Ferhadi wins via TKO.

Mathew Bowling and Javier Lopez faced off at 135lbs. Bowling controlled the fight, and came out the better of the two in the exchanges. Bowling won via decision.

In the main boxing event, Lionell Royer Jr faced off against David Monteith at 180lbs. This match was competitive, with both fighters landing punches and combinations. At one point Lionell's coach and father yelled "When you listen, it works! 1-2-3-2". The fight was back and forth, but popular opinion (including the referee who was stunned when the winner was announced) was that Monteith was winning the decision, however Royer won by decision. Chants of "bullshit" erupt from the crowd.

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