Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Details on the model search

Okay, the search is going well. I'm still interested in gathering just a couple more girls for this, but as it stands it's coming along well. There's a few out there that contacted me about this, but then nothing back when I sent the information, so I"m crossing them off of the list.

As of this moment, I'm going to shoot this over 2 days. Not a full 2 day project, but I'm going to shoot a few at a friend's place (Wendy), and a few at another location I've secured (date to be determined on that one).

So I've got to post some more details about this shoot, and I figured what I would do is type them up here on the blog, and send the link to the girls, rather than retyping it 10 times over. Also this can serve to perspective girls some more information about the project.

What I'm doing with this project is, I want to create a beauty portrait of several women. This will be a head and shoulders photograph (both in the horizontal and vertical aspect, as in I'll be shooting both). It will be cleanly lit, bright white background, but also if space/time permits I will shoot against black too (for the contrast AND I don't want to do the project then wish I shot both!).

Wardrobe- Doesn't matter what you wear. For the project, you'll have a clean/clear neckline. for this you'll need either an off of the shoulder shirt, a sleeveless shirt and strapless bra, or strapless bra and a tank top that you can slide the straps down. THIS IS NOT A NUDE SHOOT! This is not near nude and there is nothing provocative about this! If you look at your collar bone, and about 1-3" below that, that's all the more that is showing! That means if you want to wear sweat pants and flip flops, you can!

However, if time is permitting we can shoot some full length photographs too, so if you come wearing sweat pants and flip flops, perhaps bring something else full length too! This can be anything from suit jacket and skirt/pants, or jeans and a t-shirt or an evening gown. Doesn't matter. I figure if you're volunteering for my project and we've got time, why not shoot a few fun photos too!

Makeup--This is something important. I'm not looking for anything outlandish or over the top. This picture serves a pretty good example (and actually what I want to do for the project). NOTE I DID NOT TAKE THE BELOW PHOTO! This is from Scott Kelby, a prolific writer and photographer. This is only to show an example of what I'm looking to do.

This doesn't mean that I'm not interested in shooting more crazy makeup or anythign like that. Just like I said above, after we shoot for the project, we can shoot other images as well. The other thing is, for this, it would be great if you can pull your hair into a pony tail, BUT that's not 100% required, just helps with the clean lines.

Okay! Any questions, don't hesitate to get a hold of me, and let's get this project rolling!


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