Monday, October 25, 2010

IWFC 4 and changes to the website

Before I begin the actual "text" part of the blog, I've got to take a minute to compliment ANYONE who EVER steps into ANY combat arena. This doesn't matter if it's a gladitorial arena, a cage, or a ring. I am a true lover of combat sports. As a long time practitioner of Judo and JuJitsu and a long time fan of MMA, these events are special to me. Win or Lose, if you get in the ring I've got immense respect for you.

Everyone who is a fan needs to take just a minute to think about the chances these fighters take for us and our entertainment. The risk to life and limb, and especially these up and comers who work full-time jobs while fighting, who make maybe 100 dollars to risk injury to their body to do what they love.

Thank you to every fighter out there. You've got my respect.

The spoils of war for the winner

The taste of defeat for the loser of the battle

(for the photographers out there, the EXIF is ISO 6400 @ 1/400)

Okay here, where to begin? See this is the trouble I've got with blogging. I'm not a good writer. My grammar online isn't near perfect and sometimes I struggle to get the point across in as few words as possible.

I happen to be one of the fortunate few (well there's two of us, Nick and I) that are the "official" photographers for the Iron Will Fighting Championship. So naturally if they have a show, I'm photographing it. The show was at the S and T bank arena in Indiana, PA. It was a very good crowd for a great night of fights. I'm not exactly sure who the match maker is, but the promoters need to pat themselves on the back. It was on hell of a night of fights.

Here is a link to the photographs on my website for purchase,
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I am a contributing writer and photographer for Mid Atlantic Combat, so I will be posting a few links to their website (as of now, my quick results and photo highlights are up on their site. I'll edit this blog as the full write up I did is posted).
For the "quick results" article, check here, (copy and paste into your browser).

For the "photo highlights" section, check here, (copy and paste into your browser)

Okay, so my thoughts on the night in as short of a statement as possible.

Great fights, hungry fighters, great action.

Making a guest appearance was UFC Veteran Charlie Brenneman. Charlie is a home-town hero, and an excellent fighter. Let's wish him well in his upcoming bout in January.

So here's some photographs from the night. Check out my blog often for discounts on photo sessions (I'm not just an action photographer, I also photograph portraits, weddings and events.)

Okay, I talk about changes to my website in the title. Here's the changes. Even with right click protection, individuals have been circumventing the security precautions and still stealing the photographs off of my site. Now the right click isn't fool proof, but it's there to keep people honest. Even though my website clearly says that I am copyright owner of all work posted, people still feel entitled.

I've been toying with this idea for QUITE some time, and have come to a conclusion. I must watermark my photographs. This is the only way to help deter theft of my work.

Now if you order photographs from the website these watermarks will NOT affect your purchase. Your photographs will be delivered CLEAN from the watermarks. However when you're browsing you'll have to see the message, © Rob Lynn Photography @

I am very sorry that I've had to do this, however I have to do what I can to put a stop to the theft of my work. Yes, I do love what I do and yes I do love putting the photographs out there, however the time, the website, and the equipment doesn't pay for itself.

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