Monday, July 19, 2010

2010 Print comp photographs

I'm finally getting around to uploading photographs I entered in the ABCPS 2010 print competition to their website. There were 5 photographs entered by myself, and 5 came back with ribbons. I will post those photographs, and a brief description of each.
I will post those photographs, and a brief description of each. This photograph placed in the Portrait section. It is called Olivia and is after a senior session I photographed last year. This is a black and white conversion I seen in the making as I was photographing it. The young lady is wearing a blue shirt, and in leaves in the fall. Naturally you would think that her red hair, the autumn colors and her blue shirt would look great in contrast? They do, the color image looks fantastic, but I like the connection in the black and white conversion.

This photograph really surprised me in its placement. I had only entered it because I wanted to put a photograph in the animal category (you're only allowed 2 photographs per category, and 5 photographs total). If it was up to me, I'd put 5 photographs between the people and still life sections. So I put this in thinking, I just liked how this black/white conversion turned out. My wife and I went to the zoo on a photography expedition :) and when you photograph in black and white at least in my opinion, you have to think in CONTRAST. Not every photograph is a simple desaturate and looks good black and white. This is one I knew when I pressed the shutter that it would look great b/w.
This is my take on a classic by Ansel Adams. It is also up to this point one of my favorite photographs that I have created. The one by Adams is called "the rose". Mine is of the same title, since it is a tribute and emulation of Ansel's masterful work. I'm not Ansel, and not saying I am. I am saying I am proud of this photograph.

This is a tiger lily that my wife bought me. I know, that doesn't sound right does it? My wife knows I love to photograph flowers, and maybe it was a hint to me that I haven't treated her to a floral delight in awhile. Speaking of, I think I need to pick her up some nice flowers. She'll get some great photographs from them. The customers will be happy, my wife will be happy and I'll enjoy creating the images. Win, win, and win!

I will be in attendance as the professional photographer on site for VFL MMA Broad Avenue Brawlers on July 31st. I will also be photographing a wedding that same day, filling in for a last minute drop out photographer. Can't wait to create great images of that day! It's going to be a long, but severely rewarding day. I get the chance to fix the wrong another photographer did to a couple dropping out just WEEKS before their wedding, and I get to photograph a premier MMA event in my home town. Got to love it!

The last competition photograph, I'm having trouble hosting on my blog. She is Dr. Hutzel and is featured on my website. For whatever reason, I can upload the photograph to whatever website, but it's coming up corrupted on my blog. So you only get to see 4 of the 5.

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