Monday, August 2, 2010

Intense weekend!

This weekend, Saturday specifically. I photographed a wedding an hour away for a lovely young couple, and then photographed VFL MMA's 4th installment of the Broad Avenue Brawlers at the Jaffa Mosque. Same night, 2 events that you would normally photograph on their own.

Here's the simple back story. The couple needed a last minute photographer because their photographer backed out. I had the fight scheduled for about 1/2 a year now, and it worked out perfect that the couple's wedding was earlier in the day.

Here are a few samples from the weekend. This blog will be sort of short, because I've got a ton of wedding photographs to process.

Here's the quick results from the fights,

Jake Parks Defeated Chad Murawski Via UD.
Ryan Glunt defeated Doug Haupt via Rd 2 arm Bar.
Johnny Waliko defeated Gabriel (no idea on last name) UD.
Joshua Jaskins ddefeated Mike Stuck via choke Rd 1.
Vitautas Bucevicius defeated Eric Delaini via UD.
Christian DeHaas defeated Curtis Link via UD.
Chris Roman defeated Troy Bush via Ref Stoppage Rd 1.
Brett Shoenfelt defeated Mike Kunowsky via UD.
Coy Maloy Defeated Chauncey Gnagey via RNChoke Rd1.
Justin Head defeated Andrew Ricketts via Triangle choke.
Travis Clark defeated Tenyeh Dixon via Ref Stoppage Rd1
Frank Armstrong defeated Tige McAfoos via 2nd Rd Choke
Richard Brooks defeated Travis Glass Rd 1 Choke.
Justin Finnegan defeated Anthony Ford Rd 1 Choke.
Bret Thomas defeated Travis Wineland R 1 Armbar.
Elijah Garshnick defeated Bruce Monroe Rd 3 with an arm bar.

UFC Fighter Charlie Brenneman who fights Johnny Hendricks this weekend was in the crowd and a special guest at the fights. Charlie is a Hollidaysburg native, and a really down to Earth cool guy. It's been a pleasure as a fan of MMA to watch his rise in MMA and his ascension to the UFC. Congrats and good luck Charlie! Look forward to a Q and A, UNEDITED *(unlike the version that appeared on in the next few days.

Also included in this batch of photos are some prelims from the wedding. I can't wait to present the new Mr and Mrs Erstgaard with their wonderful photographs!

Talk to you guys soon!

In the first fight photograph, Bruce Monroe submits to an armbar from kesa gatame applied by Elijah Garshnick. In the second fight photograph local up and comer Justin Finnegan applies a slick and very tight guillotine choke.

In our first wedding photograph, we've got the ceremony then the ,bride and groom together (in a fun photo!) and one of the groom in the church.
For the full fight gallery, go to

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