Saturday, April 20, 2013

My son turned 2.

I am a lucky man to have my wife and son share a birthday.  My son, Erik, just turned two.  Here are a few pictures from his little party that we had at the inlaws.  My wife had an awesome cake made by one of her friends, for Erik.  I'm told it's pretty common for young boys to enjoy choo choo trains.  As you can see from his toy, cake, shirt, hat and if you could see, his shoes...he loves "Tommy".

This is the cake that one of my wife's friends made.

Erik admiring his cake, and getting ready to dig in.

Looking for the approval to dig in!

When he wants to, he uses silverware like a pro!

After party play down!

Even if all I ever photographed for the rest of my career, was my family, I would be happy.  Those moments of joy that I get to capture, and will be able to relive, not only in memory but in picture as well....are all worth it.


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