Monday, March 25, 2013

VFL Virginia 3_23_13

I keep kicking myself in the rear end after I photograph a show, and drive home...only to realize I didn't pick up a program.  A program is how I know who to find, and let them know that I shot photos of them.

The show was VFL 39, Revolution of Combat.  A great night of fights in Virginia.  I think I'm back in Virginia in April.

I met a couple cool people there too.  This official that I photographed, my friend mistakenly thought was a fighter.  Couldn't blame my friend though, it was his first show that he was at, and this dude drove up in his vehicle, branded with his kick boxing school, and to boot, the guy doesn't exactly look like a slouch either. 
Met another photographer, and a photo/videographer too.  The photographer, I didn't get to chat much with. T he photo/videographer I did get to speak with.  He is a brown belt in Judo, and he and I spoke at length about Judo and equipment.  Good night of action and communication.

Sorry this is kind of rushed, I've got a pile of paperwork to take care of.  I just wanted to get these photographs up for you to check out, and the link for the fighters/families to purchase if they want them.

Here's a couple quick pictures from the night, and the link for the full gallery to purchase photographs.  Please do not download, crop or edit without permission.  Thank you.

Here's the link to the full gallery, VFL Revolution of Combat

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