Wednesday, October 3, 2012

An oddball post

I'm taking care of some paper work and I've got a few photographs that I want to post on the blog.  Don't worry, the new launch of the site isn't far out.  Just getting the final colors/layout under control.  I've also completely blown off writing any words about myself.  I really do need to get around to that part!

So what's going on?  I'm going to post a few photos that were taken today and also at the MMA show in Millersville PA.
In Millersville I was running around with an ultra wide angle zoom on a full frame camera. It exaggerates perspective pretty easily and sometimes it's just what I'm looking for. It gives a distinct and unique perspective.

 Jim wanted Brent to text him the address of the place we were going to eat at, after the fights.  Well Brent didn't want to text it and they fought back and forth for a few minutes over it...finally this was the solution, brent brought it up on his phone and Jim typed it on his...I can't remember off-hand but the address was three digits (I think 109) and Prince...

 This is Bill Bookwalter, and he's been in the cage a few times (inside joke, but seriously he has been).  I have no idea why but I felt it appropriate to take his photo a few times. Also Kevin Killian is on the left of the frame.

 Like I said I have no idea why but I was talking photos of Bill.

Jim spent half of the night typing on his phone.

This photo is funny because I believe the 2 are a couple.  The guy was our waiter/bartender.  He was a nice guy and had the kitchen staff stay to make our food.  The girl she was taking photos of our table like a paparazzi.  Well I caught her.  Had I been about 1 second sooner, I would've captured that on camera.  I don't know why but I think taking a photo of someone taking your photo is neat...only if they don't know that you know.
So today we decided to go for a walk.  Well Dad can't leave the house without a camera.  Sometimes it's incredibly convenient to capture what I see.  Other times I feel bad that I'm looking through the lens at something rather than looking with my own two eyes.  I think though that having the photos of my son are going to be worth it.  He's not quite 18 months, but it's fantastic looking at how much hes grown from birth to now.  He was a little late to the walking game, but he's loving it so far now.  I fear though that I'll have to worry about the constant bruising from him exploring and learning what he can do and where he can go.
This is him chilling out in his wagon.  The ducks were coming up by and he was smiling, cooing and laughing at them.

Remember what I typed a second ago about him exploring?  He thinks grabbing his wagon wheels when it's moving is cool.  Mommy and Daddy tell him it's an ouchy, but he doesn't care.

Back to lounging

Now he thinks it's a game. 

After awhile he had enough of being pulled around and he wanted to push the wagon.  He became frustrated quickly because the wagon doesn't push well.  Those steer wheels don't work well in reverse.

This is just a photo of the waterfall there.

Same with this one.
Alright, see you soon! 

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