Saturday, April 16, 2011


So I'm 2 weeks back from IWFC 5. I feel badly that I didn't post sooner, however I've been spending time with my wife before our child is due. She's been having some "issues" in the last trimester, with gestational diabetes. She's doing great, giving herself her shots and taking her sugars to make sure our baby is healthy. I'm very proud of her.

Anyway, we've been getting the house and baby items ready for our new arrival and have had a few "scares" about a possible emergency c-section and all of that. Whether she wants to, or he wants to, on Monday morning, her birthday, they are inducing her into labor.

They were close to doing it a few times over the past few weeks, but the doctor's decided to hold off. So if she doesn't go into labor over this weekend, it'll be on her birthday. With a little luck, our son comes out on mama's birthday and it's the best birthday gift a mother could ask for.

I'll be posting a lot of photographs, don't worry.

I photographed the IWFC 5 at the Blair County Convention center. Given the title, I'm sure you can figure out it was the 5th itteration of this event. A great night of fights and action. UFC Fighter Charlie Brenneman was there signing autographs, and like an 8 year old child, I had my photograph with him and had him sign a poster! YEAH! I've got an 8x10 of him that was ordered through me from one of his VFL fights framed, and signed on the wall beside a photograph I've got of Dan Severn that is also signed. Yeah, I'm like a kid. Not to mention a framed April 1965 Playboy (it used to be 75 cents!)

Here's a link to a gallery of the photographs. Buy a bunch!

After my wife is out of the hospital, I'll be resuming normal shooting schedule and activities. I've got a few MMA shows coming up and a few more "tenative" dates.

Stay tuned!

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