Sunday, February 27, 2011

Complete Devastation MMA

So Saturday night was a great night! A lot of times, when I'm photographing MMA, I'm photographing it away from home. However, this time I got to shoot one IN ALTOONA! Sounds pretty good already. UFC 127 was also Saturday night, and BJ Penn happens to be one of my favorite fighters. The Altoona fights ended early enough that I was able to go watch them too! Win/Win!

There's another reason why I am extremely happy for the show, and was extremely excited for it to happen...I had a hand in it! However small it is, I got to work with the match maker, and the promoter on their freshman effort on the show. I brough in talent to be a ring girl! I'm also the newly selected official photographer of CDMMA, can't beat a gig like that.

The fight card had 9 fights on it. 6 Am and 3 Pro. Below are some of the photo highlights of the evening. The results of the evening were,
Brett Hicks Defeats Jacob Johnson UD
Tyler Updike defeats Ryan Glunt UD
Roy Merriman defeateds Christian DeHass via TKO (knee injury)
Jason Royer defeats Arthur Campbell via UD
Brad Mountain defeats Nick Hornick via UD
Jeff Runk defeats Andrew Ricketts via arm bar 1:37 Rd 2
Richard Brooks defeats Shane Darby via TKO 1:38 Rd 2
Josh Huber defeats Bret Thomas UD
Blaine Balicki defeats Bruce Monroe via UD.

Full Gallery on my website!

As always, I've got to get a photo with the ring girls! Many thanks to my beautiful wife for shooting this photo! To all of the world, you cannot even get a wife that's 1/100 as awesome as mine! She's the best wife ever.

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