Monday, November 22, 2010

PFC 4 Blackman MMA Harrisburg PA

This is a week overdue. I had gotten the photographs ready for the blog, and then fell ill. I was pretty sick for a few days, then I started feeling better on Wednesday. Well Wednesday night, I became even worse. Even today, I am not up to par yet.

However, I can write something about the last MMA event I photographed.

To sum it up in one word, Excellent. I don't know if you guys know who Steve Blackman is. He's a former WWF/E superstar, and an impressive mountain of a human being. He is now an MMA promoter and has some excellent shows.

Yours truly was lucky enough to be at one of his events, at the Zembo temple in Harrisburg PA. Being a Shriner, it was also cool to get to see another temple so it was an added bonus.

The night was original slated for 8 pro fights, but 2 fighters backed out on their opponents, so it was a night of 6 pro fights, and 7 amateur fights. It was a damn good night of fights. Every single person on the card fought their asses off.

A few other things I can say about the promotion is that Steve has his shit together. He runs a tight ship. The people that work for him listen, and they listen well. His promotion shows it too. The fans weren't restless. They were entertained for hours.

I also made it out of the event after photographing it for the evening, in time to make it to a local sports bar and walk in RIGHT AS BJ Penn started fighting. Good thing I made it when I did! That fight didn't last long!

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  1. anyone know how i can get ahold of Steve Blackman?