Sunday, November 14, 2010

Central PA Warrior Challenge 9

Hello everyone! It's been two weeks since our last update. Been working on a lot of behind the scenes stuff that will come to light before too long! Stay posted for that.

On Friday Novemeber 12th, Mark Jovich had the 9th installment of the Pennsylvania Warrior Challenge in York PA. A beautiful day to drive down and see some of the good ol' Pennsylvania turnpike (I don't feel like I get 15 dollars worth of value from the Turnpike when I use it, however...I'm lazy! So I guess I have to pay to play :( )

The downside with turnpike receipts is they are printed on this crappy paper with ink that must eat right through the paper as soon as it's printed. I keep them for my taxes, and I have receipts that are just a few weeks old that look like they are from the prehistoric peroid of mankind.

Enough of that nonsense :) The fight card was stacked with both pro and amateur talent. 16 fights in all.

The photographs from the night can be seen here,

There are watermarks on the images and download protection for a reason, it means they aren't free to take. I hate to stress this, but there's been a lot of trouble lately with people feeling entitled to my work (and the work of other people too).

As with a lot of the MMA coverage, I've written a quick results, a photo highlights, and also a small article for mid atlantic combat sports. I need to stress that EVERYTHING that is sent in to ANY media station is edited. This is MOSTLY good. See, it keeps the writer from looking like a complete fool for making terrible errors. One of the things I do A LOT is...

"In a welterweight bout, Dane Cook FACED off against Dennis Leary. The action STARTS early with Dennis pounding Dane's eyes shut. Dane REBOUNDED and FLEW off of the top rope".

See, past and present tense in the same sentence. Now my editor will tell you...I am getting better with it! It's a process. I make no claim to being a professional writer.

The reason I bring this up though, is sometimes folks read an article that I wrote and was edited. They don't realize that it was edited by someone who WASN'T the writer, and wonder why perhaps their bout was left out. Sorry if this has happened to you. When asked about it the answer I'm provided with is that there's space constraints, and that they are looking mainly for "highlights". I can appreciate their position. Afterall someone said that searching for a youtube video worth watching is like panning for gold in a river of shit, or picking to drown in pee or drown in water...

No one wants to wade through tons of dross to look for a few sentences worth reading. So I can appreciate both sides and just wanted to get that information out there. Please don't be angry with me, OR the publications. This is just the nature of the beast.

Here are the links on matcombat's site
Quick results

Photo highlights

Write up

So Friday turned out to be a damn exciting night of fights...but of considerable note worth mention...Noe Quintanilla. A seasoned professional fighter with a ton of fights. Friday was the first time his wife seen him in a pro bout! Another fellow Rumsey, it was his 21st fight on his 21st birthday.

The main event fight winner proposed to his girlfriend in the cage! Congratulations to both!

(EDIT! I've got an upload tying up all of my bandwitdh. I'll get some photos in this blog tomorrow! Thanks!)

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