Wednesday, March 12, 2014


A few days ago I went to the East Broad Top railroad in Rockhill, PA.  It is a, now, out of service railroad.  It is what is called a narrow scale railroad.  You can check up on the history of everything but basically railway width is based off of what the width of the horse's rear, and the wheels of a chariot would be. 

The EBT is pretty much decommissioned.  There is likely no resurgence in its future.  It's a sad thing too.  I went on an outing with several other photographers to check it out.  While there were many more photographs to take, than what I took, I couldn't really bring myself to shoot everything.  I know that this sounds ridiculous with digital photography being much cheaper than film and all, BUT! the reason I didn't is because I figured that everyone was shooting the whole scene.  I didn't really want to shoot the same photographs as fifteen other photographers. 

I chose to shot the day with less than twenty photographs.  Here are a few that I enjoyed out of that twenty.

A friend of mine, name Bill. 

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